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A couple of weeks ago, I decided that I might turn out to be a great copywriter. I have all the characteristics of a good copywriter; I have business, marketing, and design knowledge after all. I decided to learn about the art of copywriting, and I shuffled through a few books and decided that I need to learn about writing good slogans and pitching them before anything else, because that’s the majority of tasks we have at the company I am currently working at.

POP! Create the Perfect Pitch, Title, and Tagline for Anything piqued my interest the moment I saw the title. I bought the book as soon as I figured out Sam Horn is the author of Tongue Fu! as well. Tongue Fu! was the book that turned me from a shy introvert to a budding conversationalist.

POP! turned out to be way better than I hoped it would be. I bet it would take years of astute observation for a new copywriter to reach the same insights she delivers in a mere 253 pages. Chapter after chapter, the author gives you insights about the titles you see popping everywhere and hands you the recipe to create a similar success yourself. I have taken tens of pages of notes to utilize whenever I am trying to create a slogan or a title and I am constantly checking those notes.

All things considered, this book has motivated me to set up a blog and write regularly, helped me be a regular assistant to the copywriters at my office, and inspired me to start writing a book about my specialty. I think it safe to say it is a great book to guide you when you start your copywriting journey.

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