Hi there! I rehearsed this many times before I came here today. *throws away the papers and shrugs* But, the best way to start this thing is by being me! Nobody cares about a perfect, rehearsed version of a human; we all want to see the bleeding, struggling, emotional, vulnerable person.

Since I was a kid, I devoured every book I could get my hands on. It wasn’t long before I figured out I can write as well; but, one thing led to another and I stopped writing and started pursuing other things with a stumped passion. No matter what I did, the love for the written word continued burning in me…

Life is hard, and working in a stressful environment under a raging global pandemic doesn’t make it easier. A couple days ago, after enduring multiple miserable days at work, while I was thinking about what else I can do to make me happier, I decided to start writing again. The blog you are reading is my first actionable step towards that goal.

I can’t promise that everything I publish here will be good, but I can promise that I will publish consistently and will try my best to produce something worthy of your time. I am going to publish every Tuesday and Friday, and even though I suspect I will steer away from it time to time, my main theme will be human ingenuity and creativity in general because I am fascinated by the subject and I think that’s what makes us human.

I want to use this platform to understand what creativity is, the common habits and traits of highly creative people, ways to change dull environments into creativity inducing ones and to admire the creative work of fellow earthlings publicly. I would be ecstatic, if you join me on this journey! See you on Tuesday!

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