This is a sketchbook now!


Hi there! I started this blog when I was trying to force myself to focus on writing since that was the majority of my job, and I thought it was my calling. To be honest, writing had been a calling of mine, and if you asked me what are you going to do with your life when I was 22, I would tell you that a life without writing seems meaningless to me.

The funny thing is, here, at the age of 34, I am a professional writer. That is, I earn a living through writing, and I feel that a life without painting is meaningless. My creativity, my intellect, my happiness are so intertwined with my art now. Once I understood that, I also understood that I need to find a way to merge my writing and art.

The first step towards that is turning this blog into a sketchbook. I want to share my ideas, sketches, studies, and paintings here. I want to keep a diary of my works and the reasoning behind those works. I don’t want to spend a lot of time writing the blog post parts of this, so I am going to write and publish it without much fuss or rewriting. So, if you see a major mistake, please tell me about it!

I have been doing many digital portraits lately because I have been part of this new social media platform called BitClout, and I started doing quick portraits of people I like there. It was a nice exercise, and it was a nice way to promote myself. Today, I woke up with a strong desire to paint Amber, my wife.

Amber Cakar

The painting doesn’t look exactly like Amber, but it resembles her, and for today, it is good enough for me. I never go for photorealistic portraits anyway. I believe in the age of photography, a photorealistic portrait is a waste of time. Instead, I want to express a feeling in my portraits. With this, I wanted to show the playful energy of my wife even when she is feeling down.

I have a bad neck pain for the past couple of days, so I didn’t want to continue painting after painting the portrait above. However, I still wanted to continue working, so I decided to draw some eyes to regain some confidence in my artistic skill because I am pretty good at drawing eyes.

Eye Study

After drawing the eyes, I thought I should use the confidence to learn about something I am not that good at, so I spent the next half hour drawing ears. Ears are complicated, especially when you are drawing with a pencil. Painting ears is much easier than drawing them for me. It was a nice exercise, and I am ok with the result.

All Ears

I will keep taking notes of my artistic life here, hoping that it will motivate somebody out there to have a creative life of their own. I will also use this as a public journal since writing is a great way to think about things, and journaling publicly is a great way to force yourself to think in a structured way.

I hope I can turn this into a regular thing. I hope you join and have some fun doing it!

See you on the next page!

Yigit Cakar